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An online membership collection of content and educational resources to help you explore kink and BDSM in the most fun and easy way.

Desires Laid Bare’s mission is to help beginners and the curious-minded explore kink and BDSM in a fun, easy, and accessible way. #kinkytourguide

Which means creating educational and actionable content with integrity is non-negotiable.

No more worrying if the information you’ve found on Google is safe, reputable, and trustworthy.

It’s time to put your worries aside so that you can safely explore, play, and be free.

Welcome to The Playground.

What’s Included?

The Playground’s online collection includes audio, video, and text resources (worksheets and blog posts) to help you on your kink journey in the most guided way including:

  • How Your House is already a treasure trove of kinky toys available for safe play
  • Introduction to Bondage
  • Getting started with Dominance/submission
  • Communicating your kinky desires with your partners and loved ones
  • The A-Z of kinky terminology
  • Interviews with trusted kinksters on how they got started with kink
  • …and more!

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Welcome! Start Here.

3 Lessons

The 411 on getting started inside The Playground.

[Basics] Safety in Kink and BDSM

5 Lessons

Communication, consent, safe words, limits, and boundaries, oh my!

[Basics] The A-Z of Kink Terminology

6 Lessons

They said they did WHAT at the WHERE?! Know your kink words!

[Basics] Communicating Our Kinky Desires With Our Partners

4 Lessons

Stories from various people of how they had *that* conversation with their partners.

[Basics] Emotional Connectivity with Mona Darling

5 Lessons

The importance of emotional connectivity and why it matters in your kink exploration.

[Basics] Quizzes for Kinky Ideas

1 Lessons

Sometimes, you just need a quiz to get you started.

[Bondage] Quick Tips for Play!

1 Lessons

When you're in the mood for some quick ways to tie or get tied up.

[Bondage] Bondage Basics with Mr. Old School

9 Lessons

My good friend, Mr. Old School, teaches you how to get started with bondage.

[Dominance/submission] Negotiations in Dominance/submission

1 Lessons

Learning to negotiate and understanding what each person and the relationship needs is a vital part of a successful Dominance/submission dynamic.

[Pervertables] Everyday Objects for Kinky Fun

1 Lessons

Who knew that your house already has a treasure trove of awesome toys you could play with? (Well, we did.)

[Interviews] Masterclasses with Guest Experts!

2 Lessons

Interviews and masterclasses with guest experts. Warning: don't drink liquids while watching.

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